Commercial Cleaning Services

Rainbow city services is providing the best Commercial Cleaning Services In Dubai having no match all over the UAE. Whether you are an owner of a large-scale stadium or want to get your hotels, restaurants, educational places, fitness centers, windows, office places, and villa swimming pools get cleaned, then you have landed at the right place. Our company has the most motivated cleaners to keep your place well-maintained and clean.

Types Of Commercial Cleaning Services In Dubai We Are Offering:

We deliver the following commercial cleaning services:

1) Stadium Cleaning Service

2) Fitness Center Cleaning Service

3) Educational Institutional Cleaning Service

4) Hotel And Resort Cleaning Service

5) Food House And Restaurant Cleaning Service

6) Office Cleaning Services

Stadium Cleaning Service

We believe in the deep sanitization of the sitting area or the benches to discourage the spread of infections. Rigorously wiping down and cleaning the stands and public toilets. So, whether it is a basketball, football or a cricket stadium we are the leading company providing commercial cleaning services in Dubai for stadium cleaning.

Fitness Center Cleaning Services

Our teams disinfect the entire gym preventing the spread of harmful germs thus taking care of the personal hygiene of our clients. We understand that a workout involves heavy sweating and breathing, hence we provide deep cleaning of gym machines, locker room, toilets, and walls.

Educational Institutional Cleaning

Under the banner of commercial cleaning services. The number of attendees is determined by how clean the school premises is. Hence, we are offering cleaning and sanitization services for classrooms, hall rooms, cafeteria, canteens, bathrooms, and playgrounds. Hence, our mission is to safeguard and protect the well-being of teachers, students, and administration.

Moreover, under the umbrella of commercial cleaning services in Dubai, we are also offering Swimming Pool Cleaning Service to our clients. We are offering sanitizing pool benches, tile, and wall brushing, filter cleaning, vacuuming the pool, pool repair, and maintenance service, and testing the chemical levels. We want our customers to relax and have the most fun while swimming.

Hotel And Resort Cleaning

We at Rainbow city services understand that a tidy hotel is what attracts the customer. Our trained staff will take care of cleaning all the areas including the kitchen, dining and lobby area, guest and meeting rooms, guest rooms, bar area, and manager’s office. We can clean window panes and vents, walls, chairs, tables going all the way to sweeping, moping the walkways, disinfect bathrooms, sanitizing the countertops, scrubbing away dust from the air conditioner, deep cleaning the stove area and hoods in the kitchen.

Moreover, Food House And Restaurant Cleaning Service also make it to the list of commercial cleaning services. Our team will sanitize all the tables, chairs, floor, and bathrooms, leaving it clean and fresh for the next day customers. Our competent cleaning staff will disinfect the entire sitting and lobby-waiting areas. Our cleaners will deeply clear up all the sticky grease that is stuck in the kitchen area, stoves, exhausts, hoods, countertops, and food storage refrigerators of your restaurant.

So, give us a try! You will never regret investing in our best quality Commercial Cleaning Services In Dubai!

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