Rainbow City Services will carry out reactive and preventive maintenance jobs relating to:

  • Electrical distribution, equipment and electrical supply services 
  • Sanitary ware, water supply and drainage services 
  • AC/HVAC supply and associated equipment services 
  • Professional, experienced technician will handle all emergencies within 30 minutes of call, 24/7 responsive availability 

Planned Preventive Maintenance (PPM)

A contract will be signed in written form with Rainbow City Services within 7 days after taking our preventive maintenance program. The PPM will be carried out every three months for air conditioners and twice for electrical and plumbing fixtures.  Any change in the PPM will only be possible if a prior notice before 3 days received from the customer. The PPM will have the right to cancel the agreement if any notice is not received from the customer within the mention days.


These circumstances are considered as Emergency.

  • Any abrupt failure/breakdown in electricity
  • Any Failure/breakdown air-conditioning 
  • Water stoppage 
  • Major plumbing issues (e.g. major blockage of drainage, water gushing out,  flooding etc)

Electrical, Mechanical, And Plumbing

Services under this include:

  • Repairing and replacement of electrical & mechanical equipment including circuit boards, ELCB’s, circuit breakdown, distribution board, control panel, lighting fitting, water heaters and switches.
  • Repairing of water pumps, 
  • Repairing of external leaks in pipe
  • Water tanks will be cleaned once a year
  • Replacement and repairing of sanitary ware, fitting and attention to drainage problems (please refer to spare parts/materials clause below in case of replacements)

Air Conditioning

AC/HVAC services of indoor and outdoor units shall be provided, that includes the following:

  • Checking and cleaning of all electrical components 
  • Cleaning of filters 
  • Gas filling (gas will be charged separately)
  • Placing of drain flow tablets in drip trays 
  • Lubrication, belt replacement and cleaning of drain lines
  • Changing of filters and compressor if necessary 
  • Pressure washing of coil (if required)
  • Minor repairs to insulation, minor painting touch-up (please refer to spare parts/materials clause below in case of replacements)

Spare Parts/ Materials

In this annual maintenance contract, spare parts and materials required for repairing to restore the functioning of equipment or system are not included. For repairing of a particular equipment, 10% charges will be added as service with actual cost of the spare parts.

Services Excluded

In this contract, the following services are expressively excluded:

• Water, power, drainage and telephone services (responsibility of the relevant local authority)

• Replacement and repairing of electronics items or Home Appliances 

• Internal water leakage, e.g. inside the wall, WC, under the bathtub under the interlock, ceiling & garden areas

• Garden irrigation system (sprinklers)

• Garden irrigation water pumps/motors

• Garden irrigation tanks

• Horticulture and gardening work

• Major jobs related to civil work or MEP

• Janitorial cleaning and emptying of septic tanks 

• Any change in the corroded chilled water, drainage lines or domestic water

• Changing of any insulation material to duck work chilled water pipelines

• Carpet cleaning, steam cleaning and shampooing 

• Painting, picture hanging and decoration jobs

• Repair and installation of swimming pool filter

• Repair and installation of swimming pool pump

• Piping of swimming pool

• Re-plumbing of swimming pool

• Installation Automatic garage gates/doors 

• Pressure washing of cooling coils 

• Replacement of window glasses, doors, door glasses and broken window

• Damage caused by force majeure 

• Alteration/ modification in the existing system 

• Scaffolding installation/dismantling

• Any other remaining service/material not mentioned in our scope of work

A separate quotation can be carried out for all the above services or call our charges depending on the volume work

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