Residential Cleaning Services

We at Rainbow city services provide Residential Cleaning Services In Dubai as an easy and hassle-free option especially for working couples, who find it hard to squeeze out time for tedious cleaning chores. Our services cater to the needs of both the apartment and villa dwellers all over Dubai. We are offering thorough debris and dust removal service-which includes dusting, deep cleaning, steam cleaning, vacuuming, floor mopping, and scrubbing every inch and corner of the house.

Our clients returning to a clean home after an exhausting day would certainly give peace and satisfaction to their eyes and mind. Turning your messed up, dirty home into heaven is the goal that we strive for. We work day and night to earn the trust and satisfaction of our customers. This is what we are here for in Dubai!

So, if you hate doing household cleaning chores and are having a tough time managing your full-time job alongside your studies, then we suggest that you hire our professional cleaners.  We will take most of the cleaning burden off your shoulders. Our team will mop, vacuum, scrub and polish your flooring. Using micro-fiber cloth and blowers we will clean all dust laying either on your bookshelves or furniture, while you can focus on preparing for your exams or invest your time in your favorite hobbies and activities with your friends.

 Our reliable cleaning crew will be there for you on time to fix all the mess, clutter, and litter, leaving you with a germ-free, organized, and calm place to live in. Our team is here to offer you the best Residential Cleaning Services In Dubai. We promise to take care of all the mess in your kitchen. Starting from throwing away spoiled food, cleaning years old, nasty, greasy dirt from your countertops, hoods, and stove, going all the way to scrubbing off sticky oil stains from your kitchen cabinets, walls, windows, and exhausts, wiping your kitchen electrical appliances-we can do it all for you in our residential cleaning service package.

We at Rainbow city services believe that every room of our client’s residence is important for our team whether it be your bedroom or living room or dining room, we can clean it up for you. Our team will brush off the dust from your dining table, chairs, ceiling fans, lights, bedroom furniture, living room cushion, and couches. We will vacuum the carpet or rugs in your room or lounge and will mop the flooring.

We even provide a bathroom cleaning facility for your residence. Our team will scrub away dirt from your sinks, bath-tubs, and toilet flush. We will wipe the vanity counter, clean up soap scum from holders, taps, and shower glass door.

So, hire us for the Best Residential Cleaning Services in Dubai, while you enjoy your sound sleep and snacks with your loved ones at your residence. Our team will clean every speck of dirt, thus saving valuable energy for our clients for a more productive task in the future.

So, hit that Call Button and choose a date and time for our cleaner to come and sparkle your place.

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