Air Conditioning Services

If you have installed an air-conditioning unit, one of the keys to retaining and keeping it safe is to ensure that you have frequent air-conditioning services – ensuring that all parts of the system function properly and as effectively as possible. Our friendly, experienced engineers give pleasant, but expert support and advice to your company, as well as providing an excellent standard of air conditioning.

We offer a broad variety of air conditioning service packages – customized to various business requirements and sizes and ensuring that our air conditioning service plan is suited to your business needs.

Our air conditioning service plans give you the following: 

  • Services run by our competent, friendly in-house engineers. 
  • Site visits are settled in advance and can be rescheduled or postponed in a limited time. 
  • The versatility that if you work on a variety of locations, we will establish an annual maintenance schedule to distribute operations over the year. 
  • A pledge that we will only carry out our required maintenance work and agree to all work with you before we begin.
  • A variety of service plans includes most sizes and types of commercial equipment specifications.

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