Newly Constructed Building Cleaning

In order to get started on any building cleaning work, we need to address exactly what your cleaning specifications are and precisely what needs to be cleaned, how it needs to be cleaned, and what state the area needs to be in after the final cleaning. We will carry out an evaluation of what construction materials need to be transported and which construction materials can continue to stay. This means that there are only things that need to be discarded and cleaned up.

Our company will ensure that the building is completed and ready to be opened to the public with efficient cleaning procedures, prompt execution, and professional standards. Here are the cleaning services that we can give you after construction:

  • Removal of Debris and Dirt and Vacuum 
  • Lights and glass wash 
  • Cleaning and hygiene of the bathroom 
  • Washing and polishing of wall and floor 
  • Environmentally conscious facilities

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