Swimming Pool Cleaning

Rainbow City services specialize in weekly pool cleaning facilities to make sure your pool is clean and safe. At Rainbow City Pools, we are a thorough technician with a knack for operation, integrity, quality, and consistency. We've worked with all kinds of pools and systems, and we've never seen a cleaning project that we couldn't handle.

Your backyard swimming pool is an investment, and we want to assist you to secure this part of your home with regular cleaning.

The cleaning operation of our pool includes: 

  • Vacuuming the swimming pool 
  • Backwashing- 
  • Skimming or netting of leaves and litter 
  • Dumping of skimmer baskets and pump baskets 
  • Dumping the bag to the automated pool cleaner 
  • Brushing down the bathing pool and the spa 
  • Checking and balancing the chemical level of the pool 
  • Cleaning of spot

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