Swimming Pool Maintenance

Rainbow City Services provides a wide variety of pool maintenance and pool repair services designed to maintain your pool and its structures looking beautiful and running all year round. We take care of the pools right across Dubai. Our team has extensive expertise, skills, and tools required to take care of leaks so that you can enjoy your pool to the fullest. 

We concentrate on discovering the source of the leak and design innovative and realistic solutions to give your pool full functionality.

Our pool maintenance services include

  • Cleaning & Repair of Pool Tile 
  • Removal of Stain                                                                     
  • Detection of leaks                                                                    
  • Chemical examination of the materials
  • Maintenance of the pool filter  
  • Maintenance of the pool pump 
  • Maintenance of Salt Chlorinator 
  • Maintenance of chlorine liquid feeder
  • Checking of equipment
  • Concrete cracking 
  • Coping the Pool 
  • Heat Fixes 
  • Repair of the pool pump 
  • Repair of Pool Filter 
  • Saltwater Repair System 
  • Repair Automation System 
  • Replacement of the pool lining

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